Welcome to SeMPI, the secondary metabolite prediction and identification pipeline

Our aim is to combine structure prediction tools based on genome mining with a sophisticated database similarity search. For detailed informations have a look on our background.

Upload a gene cluster file or a genome sequences which you suspect to include gene clusters of type I (modular) polyketide sythases. If the cluster can be identified a structural prediction will be made and compared to the natural products annotated in the streptomeDB 2.0.

Please make sure to upload files as FASTA (.fasta / .fna) or GenBank (.gbk) files. (Nucleotide sequence must be present.)

You can also copy and paste your raw DNA sequence in the text field below. (Of course this field also takes fasta or gbk files.)

The help page provides further instructions about the file format.

You can use our provided example files to test the system or have a look on the possible output.

Good luck with your analysis !

Example input:

Example output:

Search for secondary metabolites:

To cite SeMPI, please reference:

SeMPI: a genome-based secondary metabolite prediction and identification web server.

Paul F. Zierep, Nat├ália Padilla, Dimitar G. Yonchev, Kiran K. Telukunta, Dennis Klementz, Stefan Günther, Nucleic Acids Res 2017; 45 (W1): W64-W71,
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkx289.

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